Dolibarr ERP & CRM 3.4.0 is available

dolibarrThe release of Dolibarr 3.4.0 is available. You can find it into the download area of portal (subdirectory Stable versions).

This is a major release with a lot of new features for both users and developers. This new version is released under license GPL v3+

This is full changes of this version compared to 3.3.0:

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Dolibarr is also available with BitNami

artDolibarr #ERP & #CRM project is now also available into the Bitnami stack of applications. Among other packages, you should find  Installers, VMs and #AWS and #Azure Cloud images.

More information here:


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Dolibarr won bitNami Contest

award_ribbonDolibarr ERP & CRM won bitNami contest. You should find Dolibarr soon into the bitNami solutions stack. Note that bitNami is a company specialized to provide packaged OpenSource applications. Among this, you will find Windows and Mac OS installers. 

See page of annoucement of winners:

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2 new companies are now certified Dolibarr preferred partners

dolibarr_preferred_partner_int_small2 new companies are now certified Dolibarr preferred partners:
- GPCSolutions (France)
- Diciannove Soc. Coop. (Italy)

Note that Diciannove Soc. Coop is the first company to be certified for Italy.
For more information on Dolibarr Preferred Partner programm, see here: 

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Last stable 3.5.2

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