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The Dolibarr fundation continues to accompany you this spring. Some news ...
Dolibarr 5.0 et 6.0 alpha
The last two versions for the branch 5.0 of Dolibarr (5.0.1 et 5.0.2) have been published in April. These are versions of maintenance and minor bug fixes .
The 4.0 branch maintenance version has been released : version 4.0.5.
For the brave or the less patient of you, all the details of the additions and corrections in the changelogs.
Test and keep tracking of the bugs you identify!
The develop version, future version 6, has been introduces at the last DevCamp. It will include technical enhancements.
"HOT" : multidevise, comptabilité...
The module Multicurrency is a part of the stable 5.0 versions. 
The 2017 crowdfunding for advanced accountancy continues with 83 participating companies and a jackpot of 8110€. Rememeber : le 2017 crowdfundingwill enhance Salaries, Bank, taxes and will include in dolibarr Stripe as a mean of paiement mean. The campaign is still active !
Recent events
- nbsp;JDLL took place in Lyon, France in April. An opportunity to meet and exchange between free software users !
All animations and films will be published on their website. We will keep you informed.
- DevCamp organized this year in Orleans (photo).
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Events to come
Go Numérique, The annual meeting that makes digital technology accessible to small and medium-sized businesses, & nbsp; in Lyon on June 20th.
Dolibarr will be represented, go to stand C7 of ATM Consulting. 
RMLL 2017, Open-source world meetings, in Saint Etienne, France, from July 1st to 7th.
Do not hesitate to tell us about events where Dolibarr has its place!
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Shared funding
Would you like to contribute to the development of new Dolibarr features?
ZenDSI Zen-dsi is offering 2017 financing to improve the integrated accounting system in Dolibarr and to ensure Dolibarr's compliance with the certification of cash software. The aim of this year is to bring together 100 companies around the project.
There are still some places ! Hurry up, To register, it's here.
NB : This funding and the resulting developments are an independent initiative of ZenDsi, not linked to the Dolibarr association (apart from the eventual recovery of work in the core of Dolibarr).
Dolistore new modules
Find the latest modules available on the Dolibarr official marketplace!
This last month, modules of communication between Dolibarr (Dolichat) users, or with your third parties by SMS (SMS Publi), and personalization of your PDF...
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Key figures of Dolibarr
236,753 downloads over the year 2016, more than 60,000 downloads of Dolibarr on the first quarter of 2017. France is again leading this time with 30% downloads of the period.
And still...
2 new versions per year
23 Dolibarr Prefered Partners worlwide
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