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TOPIC: Getting a blank screen when adding item to order

Getting a blank screen when adding item to order 2 days 10 hours ago #36972

  • Van Vrede
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Not sure if this is a bug or a problem on my server side, however I did log a support ticket with my host and they say they checked everything and that its probably a corrupt file on the content side.

When ever I enter new items on an order, after hitting the "add" button, i get a blank screen instead of being returned to the order page. This also happens on invoices and when trying to make a payment.

This has happened before. The last time however it was solved when I updated to 9.01. I see there is a 9.02 update and hoping that it will solve the problem again. However, it's not yet available on my cpanel (Installatron).

Is there any possible solution (other than install an update). My apologies if this is already dealt with in another thread. I've been searching the whole day and havent found anything. Pointing me in the right direction will be appreciated.
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Getting a blank screen when adding item to order 1 day 22 hours ago #36985

  • nazeer
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take backup of your dolibarr folder and database

try on localhost before you do the following on live server.

delete folder and database
create database again and import from backup
create and copy folder back
proceed with installation again.

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Getting a blank screen when adding item to order 12 hours 36 minutes ago #36996

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Wanted to add, should you ever need it.... an option for upgrading as you mentioned you use CPANEL, as this is what we are currently using as well, this may be helpful information if needed.

1) Do a backup in your CPANEL as well as a dolibarr backup prior to doing any change or upgrade in CPANEL. (I am not responsible for loss or damage to your Dolibarr installation or configuration by failing to backup or for any of the following changes made to your Dolibarr installation). Also, make sure any modification software added from the Dolibarr Store is compatable or in need of upgrading prior to upgrading to any new Dolibarr version as mods are not always up to date at the moment a new Dolibarr version is released.

2) It is generally possible with any web hosting plan to FTP into your web server. I use Filezilla as an FTP client to upload the new version of Dolibarr so as not to wait for CPANEL to update. This requires downloading the newer zip file you are after and unzipping it and coping all files inside the htdocs folder over to the folder they reside in on your server.

3) Download and save your install.lock file that is in the htdocs/documents folder. You will need to delete it off of the server after you have downloaded it as this file needs to be removed from the live Dolibarr prior to upgrade.

4) Go to the website address of your dolibarr and it should bring you to the upgrade screen. Follow the steps to complete upgrade and login and check to make sure everything is good.

5) Replace your install.lock file into the documents folder so that your Dolibarr is secured. If you have any add on modules from the Dolibarr Store added to your Dolibarr installation, they may need to be restarted as some require configuration changes depending on the mod.

This method has worked very well for us by following the steps above but I am in no way responsible for your results or loss of any data for trying the above changes.
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Getting a blank screen when adding item to order 12 hours 3 minutes ago #36998

  • torvista
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There should be an php error log somewhere that details the error triggered by the code that is causing the form submission to crash the page. You should find and investigate this before doing anything else. These other "solutions" are not solutions at all.

If all was working and "suddenly" it is not, and you have not made any code changes it EXTREMELY likely that the host has done some php or mysql/maria database or apache upgrade without notification and that is the root cause. They always deny it and when they confess, they still blame it on your code being old, which is true...some change will be required but you NEED the php error log: demand it.
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