After product edit chanced to not existing VAT percentage from 21% to 211%

I updated to the newest version of dolibarr 12.0.4 , now when editing products in order my existing VAT percentage 21% converted to not existing 211% and updated to invoice shows 2 percentages of VAT. If add product without editing works ok. I use server Dolibarr.
Any one can help me?

Hi @Cun
it’s a known regression on V12.0.4 see:

and it has been fixed mainly by:

If you can’t patch the code, you can use an efficient workaround changing your VAT code in the dictionnary in order to avoid digits at the beginning and special or non latin characters in it.
For example if your code is currently named 21VAT replace it by VAT21

It will be included in V12.0.5.