All employees see salaries of everybody - help

Hi, I have upgraded the first days of june to the last dolibarr Version.
Now we have seen that all users can see salaries of all other users!
Where can I set up this thing in order it doesnt happen ?
Your help is very appreciated, I’m in this trouble really!

Go to Users & Groups. You can set permissions per user or group, it’s better by group. Per user then go to list users, click on the user then you will see permisions tab. Best thing is to group users that are non-HR to one group then create permissions that way.

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Hi, thanks for your answer. In user permissions (or group permissions), if I check “salaries - read payments of salaries”, ok the user ca see his salaries, but also all ones of the other group.
if i uncheck it, the user see neither his salaries not the ones of other users

You also need to change permissions for Users & Groups:

Users & Groups
Users & Groups Read other users and groups
Users & Groups Create/modify other users, groups and permissions
Users & Groups Modify other users password
Users & Groups Delete or disable other users

All the above should not be allowed for the user to not see or access other users info

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ok thanks, I will try