Dolibarr force send from dolibarr general address


I’m for the first time experimenting with mail from Dolibarr. I wish to use this for leave requests.
Dolibarr sends the leave requests from the mail address of the user requesting the leave.
I’m hoping to be able to force Dolibarr to only send outgoing mails from the general dolibarr mail address. Can this be done?

(I’m considering dolibarr sending mails in name of end users to be a security risk (at the moment the mail server is dropping the mails dolibarr is sending as end users).

I’m playing around with sending mails from dolibarr too. The issue i’m having is that the from mail address is yours, or the main one.

I however I have a sales@ and an invoice@. I would like to always to the invoice@to send invoices to customers as that’s not a sales task.
Any idea if you can use multiple main addresses/if I could preselect them in modules?