Dolibarr Upgrade


can someone explain me whats the best way to upgrade from 12.3 to 12.4?
I download 12.4 unzip and copy dolibarr.12.4 to dolibarr into var/www/html
Then i open in browser and choose upgrade from 11 to 12 but on end its the same version 12.03

Can me someone explain pleas?
I have dolibarr 12.03 on ubuntu 20.04 with php 7.4

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Could you verify what version you have on top of the install page ?
Should be something like that :
Version of the last upgrade: 12.0.3 - Programm Version : 12.0.4


Have you changed the file install.lock to the other name ? (like install2.lock or remove it .)

Yes i remove it but i mace upgrade and version stay 12.03

After you replace all files , have you change the all folder and files permission to read and write ?