Dolibarr V12 is released 😀 (update: 12.0.2 available)

The dolibarr association is pleased to announce the release of Version branch 12.0 of Dolibarr ERP & CRM !

Version 12 is a major release with a lot of new features for both users and developers. You can find it on our download mirror on sourceforge. A lot of major features were introduced into this version.

For a more detailed list of changes, you can take a look at the Wiki or the ChangeLog

Have a good day !

No Doliwamp, Only the Normal zip files

Not yet, but it will come in a few hours

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Hmm, It is not yet there but anyway, I want to advise to all Dolibarrians that the Release of Dolibarr 12 is more on advantage better since it does run on IIS. IIS better handling request than apache. Ngix faster but most of the time but It does not handled the requests. It will display " ngix "

Thank you Mr. Ksar

The Dolibarr version 12.0.1 is out !

You can download it from SourceForge.

***** ChangeLog for 12.0.1 compared to 12.0.0 *****
FIX: reposition was broken if url end with #anchor
FIX: 10.0 - fatal with postgreSQL
FIX: #14109
FIX: #14112
FIX: #14142
FIX: all extrafields cleared after update of one of them
FIX: Avoid warning when creating a module with already existing files
FIX: change selected fields on company card
FIX: Correct ModuleBuilder left menu
FIX: create a deposit with amount using comma didn't work
FIX: Entry from stripe intent were reported into SEPA payments
FIX: Filter on status, closing opening status
FIX: html lost on html extrafield
FIX: Label of popup on thirdparty
FIX: missing possibility to change entity when propal cloning
FIX: missing setup of extrafields for MO
FIX: Missing the tooltip when creating bank account
FIX: Missing token
FIX: non numeric value on comm/card.php
FIX: SQL Problem in customer invoice list
FIX: SQL Problem in social contribution list
FIX: SQL Problem in supplier invoice list
FIX: SQL syntax error when editing extrafields
FIX: Sql type
FIX: takepos 12 hook
FIX: Update form erased extrafields that were hidden
FIX: Update of extrafields date
FIX: Update of extrafiels on draft object
FIX: upload documents into manual ECM was reported a permission error
FIX: Use of office365 TLS with SMTPs method.
FIX: wrong origin
FIX: Permission error during import

The Dolibarr version 12.0.2 is out !

You can download it from SourceForge.