Error when entering customer payment in 7.0.1


After having used 7.0.1 successfully for a while the error “ErrorGenerationAskedForOdtTemplateWithSrcFileNotFound” has started to appear when I try to enter a payment from a customer. It does not appear with every payment/customer, but it re-appears for the same open invoices.
Any clue what this could be?


I generate invoices with Open Office (.odt) and convert them to .pdf files which i upload in Dolibarr. Then I delete the corresponding .odt file to save storage space. If I leave or re-generate the .odt file, the error does not appear.
The error “ErrorGenerationAskedForOdtTemplateWithSrcFileNotFound” is written out by htdocs/core/class/commonobject.class.php if $obj->type == ‘odt’ && ! empty($srctemplatepath)

This happened to be when I renamed the odt-Template so something better.
After restoring the original odt file, it worked again.