Errors after fresh install and DB import

Had our ‘server’ get hardware issues and did not have a recent backup (totally my fault). So was able to restore the DB and get all the files back from Dolibarr documents on a new machine. But they are having 2 somewhat serious problems:

When creating an order they get “Mandatory paramater(s) not provided” I saw a fix for this in the forums, but references V 3 so not sure if that was a good solution anymore (we are running 10.0.6). They have tried to fill out ALL the fields but still have error.

When creating a new product they get this error “ErrorFailedToGetInsertedId” I saw the solution to re-import the data, but would need to do it from current environment due to any changes made today. Could I re-import from current? Or would be futile?

After the PC crash, I provided a loaner PC for them while building the new machine and everything seemed to work fine then.

Any and all help is appreciated.



Windows 10 64 bit
Dolibarr 10.0.6
New hard drives, motherboard, CPU, RAM
SQL I believe is 5.5, but need to verify