Features required for use in the electronics Industry

Manufacturing of electronic products is probably the most complicated manufacturing processes in the world. In fact, I have been looking for an open source ERP system suitable for the electronics manufacturing process, and Dolibarr is ALMOST suitable. Please look into adding the following features:

The BOM must contain at least two additional column called “location” and “footprint”. These fields must exist for each part in the BOM. The “location” field must be entered during the BOM entry. The footprint field must be keyed in when entering the products in the store, just like when Type and Ref. and Label is keyed in.

In electronics, it is possible to purchase the same part from more than one supplier. The system must be able to handle this, including calculate the “average” price of what is in the store, based on how many are in the store from each supplier.

It happens that parts bought from a specific supplier must be purged from production, due to faulty parts, while similar parts from other manufacturers are perfectly OK. The system must be able to handle this.

Purged parts must not be able to enter production again, so a separate warehouse location must be available. Products that has already been manufactured using components that should be purged, and already returned to the store must also be moved to the purge-store, so they can be reworked / repaired.

Products bought must, preferable, be used as a First-In-First-Out principle.

During the assembly process, a product manufactured based on one BOM, can be used in other BOMs. An example could be:

Electronic Circuit board BOM - Contains all the electronic parts required to manufacture the electonic circuit board.

Electronic Gadget BOM - contains electronic circuit board, plastic bits, mechanical parts, screws.

Packaging BOM - contains manual, electronics gadget, cables.

Please look into this, because Dolibarr is almost there.

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I used to work for 15 years in electronics manufacturing. Dolibarr is indeed almost suitable, but you wil need to extend with some custom development. So you will need some inhouse developper with PHP knowledge. Dolibarr has build in RAD development module to help you with this. Dolibarr 12 has MRP, but you will need to extend yourself to your specific MES needs (like location and footprint).
You can already add multiple supplier in the product buy price tab, WAP is updated on goods reception.
I advise to use the lot/serial module to keep track of used component batch number, store you product serial number,… You can add date to batch number for you FIFO.
You can always move you product stock from one locaction to another warehouse location in the product stock tab.
You can use BOM product ref in other BOM, …