Finding all Dolibar Logo`s in source code

HI is there any possible ways for me to detect all of the dolibarr logos (only dolibar logo & links ) in the source code so that when i want to deploy it i wouldnt have to enter and change through the dolibarr setting given.

Does anybody knows the directory path for each dolibar logo codes ?

ive tried finding its directory path but ive only find a way to only change Dolibar Name in line 33 in

If theres any ways to do please do help me out

Hi guy!
Why you need to change the Dolibarr in the source code? It’s very dangerous. You can updating it in company profile in setup area.

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I suspect that you have to take permission from developers. It remains their property we have just the use under some restriction.
You can add also your logo in your company details.
Anyone can change Dolibarr logo but we dont do it. It is a matter of respect of their effort and property.


Thanks for the information man . :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Is this really true? Isn’t the point of open source that you can do what you want with it as long as you don’t sell the whole thing as yours?

Awww I just wanted to start and change some things in the themes, but I just can’t ask the developers for permission for each change. Does anyone know another CRM where you can freely change coding?

Dolibarr is opensource and you are allowed to do what you want inside the code without asking anybody.