How to import agenda/events


Hi everyone.
We have two Dolibarr in operation in two different domains. One of them has a version 6.0 and another with a clean installation 12.0.
Performing the installation I was able to bring all the content to version 12 from an export-import of the database.
The point is that we are still working with version 6.0 and I want to migrate the Agenda and Third Party events that are taking place day after day to fill in and nurture the CRM. Logically, if I import all the content from CRM 6 to 12, the Dolibarr installation forces me to reinstall and reconfigure everything.

I see that in Utilities there is the option to export Events and Agenda:

But I don’t see that it can be Imported. No way.

Does anyone know any method that does not involve a mysqldump from the database?
Thank you very much.

You can import with ICS and CSV files on a computer.
Open Google Calendar.
In the top right, click Settings. Settings.
In the menu on the left, click Import & Export.
Click Select file from your computer and select the file you exported. …
Choose which calendar to add the imported events to. …
Click Import.