Importing Contacts

Is it correct to say that Dolibarr 3.1.0 can only import Third Parties and Products and can not import things like Contacts?

I have a client who wants to switch from “some kind of CRM” to Dolibarr, but needs to import Third Parties as well as Contacts…

Any help is appreciated!

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Anyone…? :-S

True with version 3.1
Feature will be available with 3.2 (in 6 month)

Eldy, thanks for the reply!

Isn’t there any other way to import the contacts?
Maybe trough sql?

I got a couple of hundreds of contacts form this client, and would rather not create them in Dolibarr manually… :-S

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Sure. Importing dy adding records into table llx_socpeople with sql request is still possible.

Hi the above post - from many years back implies that contacts should be able to be imported now.
Is this the case as I can only see the options for either users or third parties.
Also… the import templates describe fields & field definitions to which the data should comply. Is there a list of these fields please?
Lastly… (while I am here)… I am looking to import contacts that are ‘grouped’ in another system. Is there a way of importing groups in dolibarr? Cant see it.
Many thanks Tony J