Is anyone in Canada running Dolibarr invoicing?

The program looks great however the more i try to use it for invoicing the more I’m finding Canadian sales tax problems for which I can’t find any tech docs th workarounds Dolibarr 10.0.1
1-Is there anyone in Canada who has figured out how to generate an invoice with predefined products that autofills the correct sales tax based on the customer’s province. I have no interest in manually setting that field for every line item. Most invoices have over 20 lines.

2-regarding setting up an invoice It seems that if sales tax is applied an agreement between the product settings & the customer settings is required?
-I have setup the tax rules under setup dictonaries.
-I have setup a product with “Default tax rate” and price
-I have setup a company with “Sales tax used” & “Use second tax” as yes
When I create an invoice for this company with a line item of the “Predefined Product” the sales tax field does not autopopulate with the sales tax, in fact the field isn’t there unless I save it then modify or if I use “Free-text item”.

-Shouldn’t tax automatically be applied ot each lne item with these settings?
What am I missing?

3-If anyone has resolved these issues and is interested in consulting with us we wuld be happy to pay, please pm me

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