Is it safe to change $dolibarr_main_db_type from mysql to mysqli?

I have read that changing $dolibarr_main_db_type from mysql to mysqli will increase performace of dolibarr.
Is this safe to do? Does this cause any errors or abnormalities in future?

Hi guy!
I think it’s safe todo because Dolibarr recommended. I used it so far without no problem. About the Dolibarr performance are you talking about the page speed load?

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Yes. Page load speed.

Reponse time too slow is gone. After 6 months tried several ways. I increased page speed load like this.

Applied feature:

  1. How to increasing Dolibarr speed: Static cached (Apache), memory cached (PHP), Content delivery network (CDN) using cloudflare with rocket script activated, preload content (HTML), Service worker cached.
  2. Dedicated server: Core i5-9400, Ram 8gb, HDD 6TB, Bandwith 80Mps. Win OS 10. PHP: 7.3.22, Mysql: 5.7.31.

Thank you for the reply. I will try to do the same. How many users are there at a time?

Currently, only 10 users at the same time.

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