MRP wrong url in Left Menu

Hello everybody,

Im managing Dolibarr for my company and have run into another issue. We are running 11.0.3 which does not have fully developed MRP. I took the MRP and BOM modules from version 12.0.0 and inserted them into our install. Everything works fine as expected, except that the MRP Left Menu links point to the wrong url, namely /custom/mrp/mo_card.php. When just removing the ‘custom’ from the url i can obviously reach the correct page. I have scoured the entire php file collection of both MRP and BOM aswell as to find the generation code for the menu but have not been succesful until now. Maybe someone knows where I can fix this url generation mishap. I appreciate any ideas.

The MRP module is not available as a stable module in v11.
You must yo use the verion v12.0.1 or higher if you plan to use MRP features like Manufacturing Orders.