Need to create replica of CRM module.


I want to create a replica of the CRM module and then I will customize that. Anyone, please guide me with steps.
Like need to copy folder, then which other all file and DB changes required there.


A good start is ;

You can’t clone the standard Modules but once check with following approach:

  1. Create custom module template as “company” from Module Builder.
  2. Build an installer (i.e from studio click on export customization) and select the module which you want to clone.
  3. Now unzip this installer and modify all references from to your custom module.
  4. Upload installer from Module Loader after finishing your changes.
    Hope this Helps…!!
    Good Luck.

Other option is to fork and make you own dolibarr version. Afterwards you can always merge dolibarr/dolibarr upstream and if necessary resolve conflicts. Modern IDE’s have build in tools to easy resolve the conflicts.

Thanks For all suggestion.