Unable to add new Chart of Accounts model

I want to add a new Chart of Accounts model in Accounting (double entry) module. When I try to do so by entering I get the following error

Field Code must be a numeric value.

Can’t see anything of this sort in the logs though.

I’m using Dolibarr 10.0.0 version.

Temporary fix I did
I added a Chart of Accounts model entry to the database.

  • Located the llx_accounting_system database
  • Inserted a column of desired values. To find the country code, I went to Setup -> Dictionaries -> Countries and then clicked on the edit icon for the country I want id for. The URL will show the id in rowid parameter. Country id is required for fk_country column in the table.

As per the resolution by futurehousestore , keeping the rowid blank works the best.


I can confirm this BUG.
If you need to add a new Chart of Accounts you can do it manually in Data Base. Go to llx_accounting_system and for example copy the last line and rename it. Don’t forget to fill in rowid and then you can edit it in Dolibarr

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I have v10 I dont have the bug

ariffidaali the BUG is when you go to STEP 2: Create a chart of accounts from menu Setup - Chart of accounts models. Could you check it in the link /htdocs/accountancy/admin/accountmodel.php?

The bug appears to continue in version 10.0.1. Thanks for the workaround.

The bug is fixed now in version 10.0.2 which should be out soon