Upgrade question

Today I was approached by customer with question wether it is possible to update his Dolibarr 4.0.5 to latest version (11) .

Since it has been a while from his latest version question is is this possible even?

…and yes I am new to Dolibarr

Hi (this is allways a good start),

Yes it is possible for dolibarr core.
After need to be careful on the external module or core modifications that they use/made that may not be upgrable

Hi @ksar

Sorry, got excited and started typing as fast as possible. My bad. And thx for speedy answer. 4 minutes only.

How do I check if there are modifications?

As all data is stored in database I have figured out that this upgrade should not be a problem.


To see if there is external modules installed, check the dolibarr directories and compare to the core ones : https://github.com/Dolibarr/dolibarr/tree/4.0/htdocs
Also check if there is directories in /custom/ (this is where external modules are supposed to be stored)

To know if there is changes on the core, download the Dolibarr 4.0 https://sourceforge.net/projects/dolibarr/files/Dolibarr%20ERP-CRM/4.0.5/ and compare with tools like “winmerge”



Thank You.

This help a lot.