VAT not defined

Hi I’m from Sri Lanka.

In the Staten. VAT rate is not defined for Sri Lanka (LK). Hence, I’m unable to do my billing accordingly.

The VAT rate in Sri Lanka is 15%

Could someone help me in updating this.

Many thanks.

To create custom taxes go to
Home > Setup > Dictionaries > VAT Rates or Sales Tax Rates

and to change the wording in Dolibarr pages/menu’s, you’ll need modify translations.
Home > Translation > Search a translation key or string. An example key to search could be AmountVAT


Thanks a lot for your help. It really worked.

Is it possible to add 2 for of taxes. We have VAT and NBT. However, all are not subjected to NBT. So, I need the option to choose whenever it is required.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Your welcome. You can create another tax under dictionaries e.g. No NBT or Zero-rated (NBT) with a rate of 0 that you can select when needed.
Home > Setup > Dictionaries > VAT Rates or Sales Tax Rates

Thank you for the quick reply. It worked.

Hi, Sorry for the trouble.

I’m still struggling to add 2 types of taxes to one transaction. We pay 15% - VAT and 2% - NBT on every transaction.

How can we configure this.

I tried adding a second type of tax but it is not working.

Please see the attached images for the screenshots of tax modules and sample invoice.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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