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Dear friends, I have a small music instruments store in Brazil. Actually I use Dolibarr as my official tool during sell and buying processes and I have a doubt: - at my store we offer some services like luthier and instruments repairing. I wish I could use Dolibar for controlling all the process like it : 1- staff receives the client at store, 2- create a client recording with name address phones, etc 3- create a ticket or intervention where it have all data about the instrument/device and the problem related by the cliente 4- Print a work order recive to the client. /// after that, internally, we could set priorities and the exact professional that will do repairing / once verified by the professional, this one must describe the problems and also the soution with pieces, work Hours qnd total price/ once this quotation is done, send thru email or generate a pdf to send manually to the clients Whatsapp or any other social network. If approved, staff should begin the repairing and once finished invoice the client and contact to pick up.

I’m so confused about the best Dolibarr resource to be used and the correct order to do the things - I mean :

Should I create a project ?
Should I create a intervention ?
Should I create a quote?

Could please someone give me a help on how easily control work orders ?

Thank u all so much!

Have a great week


Hi,near of you, Buenos Aires. Use English, not very good.

You can record client data in Third Party, there you have clients and providers.
For data of intervention, you have a intervention, or a Client Commande.
In line details you can add free lines with all the data.

You can use Products, services, and put prices to thenn, but more complex in the beginning.

You can manage Commande using Status, if client agree or not the intervention.
Each Commande needs aThird Party (client). So you use same client for several Commande.

Later, if work is done, you produce an Invoice, using the Commande card as a source, you have not
to repeat details, the action Create Invoice, copy all commande details to the invoice.

Invoices have status, and you enter Payment in Invoices. The money registers go to Bank section.

Money of the Payment needs a Bank Account, you need create for confort, one Cash account, and one Bank
account. If you create more accounts, you send Payments to different accounts. You can Transfer money
from account to account.

So, you have to use alt least, Third Party, Commande, Invoices, Payments, Bank account. Product for more details
if you like.

I think that is minimal circuit to manage your store.


Hi my neighbor, how are you?

Thank you so much!! You helped me and i could use it with success!!