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: Opendsi
: Immeuble La Soie 13 avenue Bataillon Carmagnole Liberté 69120 VAULX EN VELIN
: France

Opendsi is a french digital services company created in 2012 and based in Lyon and Nancy which offers integration services of open source business management,collaboration and E-commerce softwares.

Thanks too a sustained growth since its creation, Opendsi is well known in the environment of ERP solution’s edition and integration based on Dolibarr’s, Nextcloud’s and WooCommerce’s solutions.

Composed of 10 collaborators passionate about their job (Development, business consultant, technical expert and project manager), Opendsi guarantees its customers the implementation of a reliable solution, the skills of real experts and the benefit of a proactive and efficient local support.


Tailor-made services

Opendsi offers customized solutions to the needs of customers who respond to specific and often complex issues. Rather than projecting the project according to a large cycle divided into stages, they are addressed according to a principle of agile methods based on the successive production of functionalities in several short cycles (iterations). The objective is to gauge each delivery in production in the light of the real conditions of the activity and to react and adapt the solution quickly following feedback.


A standardized Dolibarr offer

Opendsi has chosen to market a standardised offer in SAAS mode allowing the Easya management solution to be rapidly deployed at any size of company.


Easya remains an open source software based on Dolibarr developed and maintained in a process of industrialization. The objective is to offer customers the best guarantee of continuity and compatibility of versions over time with an emphasis on quality of publication, security and conviviality.


Easya introduces the notion of LTS (Long Term Support) version, which are major versions of the solution that are released every two years and maintained for five years. Each LTS version of Easya is produced on the basis of a stable version of Dolibarr announced by the community and benefits from minor functional evolutions during two years.


Its support is guaranteed by Opendsi for five years with an extended support option available for Opendsi customers. As a guarantee of follow-up and durability of the solution, developments and evolutions made in Easya are published in the most recent current version of Dolibarr so that they benefit to all customers and that their support is taken up by the whole community.


Easya includes many tested add-on modules that are guaranteed to work with each version of Easya. These modules are developed by the community or by Opendsi.


Easya is delivered pre-configured for easy handling. Thus, it brings a wider range of functions, essential for a constantly evolving user experience. To carry out a free trial without any commitment :


Opendsi, a partner who accompanies you throughout your projects of digitalization of your company in order to bring you advice, expertise and to satisfy your requests.


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