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This area is dedicated to download Dolibarr ERP & CRM software package or addons. Choose the link according to what you want to download.


dolibarrStables versions

All stables versions of Dolibarr ERP & CRM software, for usage in a production environment (all OS). Stables versions are hosted on Sourceforge platform.

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logo_dolistore2 Modules, Plugins and Addons

The area to download all plugins and addons for Dolibarr is available on official Dolistore market place.

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Beta and pre-release versions Beta and pre-release version

Snapshots or distributions packages of last beta or pre-release version (nearly stable but not). You will find here last snapshots and packages for all distributions, built from the branch dedicated to next version.

            Warning: All packages here are NOT yet ready for production usage. See "Stable versions" area for this.

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github Development version

Development version (not stable). You will find here link to realtime snapshot of current development version (snapshot build from GIT repository).

             Warning: Package here is NOT stable so not ready for production usage. See "Stable versions" area for this.

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Last stable 3.5.2

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