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To try Dolibarr ERP & CRM now, you have 2 solutions :



dolibarr_onlinedemo_dolicoudA free dedicated instance, only for your company:  Create in 2 clicks a dedicated clean and secured instance, and start to use it as if it was for a production usage. Instance and data are yours and dedicated to you.


Choose the provider of the dedicated demo and click on "Create my instance".
Services Supplier companies  
DoliCloud NLTechno

Create my test instance
(for 15 days)

More online demo suppliers will be added later...





dolibarr_onlinedemo_publicTest on the shared instance: Test immediately using the world shared instance of Dolibarr. This instance is not dedicated to you, but used by everyone, and is updated/reinitialized several times a month with last development version (so may not be stable).

Click to start with shared demo instance 






Last stable 3.5.2

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