Expense reports give the ability to save expenses made for a third parties account and to reimburse your employee/partner. This feature offers a validation system sending an e-mail to the manager who can then approve or refuse the expense report before paying it.


1 - Create expense reports


Exepenses report fetaures can be found in main menu HR that manages all about human resources such as salaries, social taxes, leave request and expenses reports.


2 - Fill in the lines


To add lines in the expense report, fill in the expenses date, select a type of expense, and input the amount.

Types of expenses can be personalized in Dolibarr dictionaries.

You can link expense reports to projects and retrieve them in the projects overview.


3 - Validate and send e-mail


In the end, the user validates his expense report. An e-mail is automatically sent to his supervisor.


4 - Approve the expense report


As a manager, you can find all the expense reports waiting for your approval.

The manager can then refuse the expense report or approve and plan to pay it.

The user will receive a mail telling him about his expense report new status. If refused, he will have the ability to modify it.


5 - Pay the expense report


Expenses reports can be paid following the same procedure as bills.