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Dolibarr ERP & CRM is a modern and easy to use software package to manage your business...




An all-in-one suite

Dolibarr, easy to use ERP CRM software for business
Whatever is your business management need (sales, human resources, logistic, stock, invoicing, accounting, manufacturing, e-mailings, etc), you are able to setup the application to match your need, and only your need. You enable only the feature you need. Integration between the features/modules you decide to use is ready "in-the-box", so, even without customization, users are immediately ready to work and won't have to make any double entry on your information system.
Because upgrades of new versions are, by design, integrated into development process, you can upgrade at any time to the last version, whatever is your current version, without losing any data. So the users always benefits the latest features and innovations.
Our market place is available to all developers and organizations, to centralize several hundreds of external add-ons, done to enhance the application for specific need. So you can extend yourself the possibility of your application without any coding development, and you can use our module builder assistant, or make custom development if this is not enough.

A FOSS (Free Open Source Software) model

Our Open Source and free model allows us to provide a competitive solution: Several thousand of developers, testers and translators works on the project. That's why it's possible to be always at the forefront of innovation.
Also this model allows us to have a very large end users base, so we can enhance the user interface from a lot of feedback. This is an important factor why Dolibarr is known to be the easiest ERP and CRM of the market.

A multi-distribution model in a rich eco-system

You can install and use Dolibarr as a standalone application, or online on a shared or dedicated server or virtual machine to use it from anywhere, any desktop, tablet or smartphone. It is available in various forms: From auto-installer packages that install Dolibarr and all prerequisites with no need of technical knowledge, of from the standard distribution working on all Operating System platforms and PHP architecture (Windows, Mac, Linux). Dolibarr is of course available as SaaS application on ready to use Cloud services.
Because it's Open Source software, you can rely on the Open Source company of your choice to assist you or make custom development if you need so.

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Used by millions of users worldwide, Dolibarr ERP CRM has become a major integrated solution in the Open Source world. Its user and developer community is growing day and day.



The foundation

The Dolibarr foundation was created in 2009 to promote Dolibarr ERP CRM software. This portal is hosted and maintained by the foundation. You can find more information about the Dolibarr association on this page. You may also find local communities for your country/language. See our wiki site to create a community for any other country.



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A public forum is available to exchange about any topics related to installation, upgrade, or use of Dolibarr ERP CRM. Create your account and ask or answers questions here.



Developer tools

The Development is managed by the Dolibarr Core team. You can read the wiki site to get more information about who do what.