Enter the time spent on user-friendly timesheets. See the impact on the project's profit.

Fill your timesheet using the interface that suits your needs.

Several solutions are available to enter your timesheets, from a weekly grid, to a daily grid and monthly grid...

Input per week

Input per day

or from the project , or from a specific task...

Enter the progress (optional) at the same time that you enter the time spent on a task.

See the impact of time spent on the project's profit

If an hourly rate has been defined for the user on his or her user record, then the time spent is automatically converted into your currency and this is included into your project's profit overview.

Analyze and Export your timesheets

Use the Export module to export the timesheets of users and projects.
Review the predefined reports, or connect your data analysis tools directly to the database in order to perform an accurate analysis of your projects.