Try Dolibarr ERP and CRM now. You have 2 options:

dolibarr_onlinedemo_dolicoud Solution 1 - A free, dedicated instance, only for you, with full admin access: Create in just two clicks, a dedicated, clean, and secure instance, and start to use it as if it was meant for production usage. The instance and data are yours and are dedicated for your use.

Choose the provider of the dedicated instance and click on "Create my instance".
Only secure demo instances, instantly ready to use and that does not require any credit card, are visible here. The free demo may be time-limited.
You may find other test services, available after registration, provided by several companies on




dolibarr_onlinedemo_public Solution 2 - Testing on the shared instance : Test immediately using the public shared instance of Dolibarr. This instance is not dedicated to you, but used by everyone, and is updated/reinitialized several times a month with the latest development version (so it may not be stable).

Click to test with the shared demo instance