Manage stock and warehouses (emplacement)
If you need to, you can add support for Lots or Serial numbers


Organize your warehouses and emplacements. Use them to store your products and define stock movements. Track you stock based on product reference, warehouse, date, and/or lot/serial number.

Get an updated visualization of your stock using Weighted Average Price calculation or Standard calculation.

Stock Movements

Record your stock movement manually and/or configure your application to increase or decrease your stock automatically (on invoice, on order, or on shipment validation...)

Retreive any stock movement in your log record

Automatic virtual stock and easy replenishment process

Take your stock workflow setup into consideration to always display the real stock or virtual stock (ie. stock position once all your customer or supplier orders are shipped).

Use both your real stock and virtual stock to make your replenishment in just a few clicks.

Make mass stock change, inventory or transfer in one step

Use the stock transfer page to record in one transaction, several stock transfers.

Define a desired quantity for each product so that the replenishment tool will be able to generate supplier orders automatically to restore the stock. See the page Purchase/Approvisionning.

Lots and serial management

If you need to, you can use the Lot/Serial number management. Products defined to be managed by Lots will require a lot number for tracking. You can also set properties to your lot like Sell-by date or Eat-by-date.

Retreive details of stocks and movements for a particular lot at any time.

More information on how to manage your stocks is available in this video...