Projects and tasks are useful to follow leads, opportunities, projects or timesheets.
Track also how much your projects can bring back to your company, and their profit or cost.

Create Projects, Leads or Opportunities



Use the Dolibarr project according to your need. Follow Leads, Opportunities, Internal, customer or supplier projects.


Add the predefined fields of your choice to make the data managed more complete and as accurate as you need.



Define who can view or edit the project



Make the project public or select the employees and / or partners who will participate. Allowed users will be able to enter time spent if you decide to use timesheet feature.


Create tasks



If you need to follow dedicated tasks, create them into your projects. You can define properties on your tasks like planned workload, assign specific users or not.


You can also create sub-tasks and have a hierarchy of tasks.



Record time spent on Projects / Tasks



If you decide to use Dolibarr projects to follow time spent, let each user declare its time on a daily basis with a dedicated interface, or on a weekly or monthly basis with another one.



Enter the estimated progress of your tasks/project during the same step than when entering your time spent, so you don't forgot it and comparison time spent with work really done is always up to date.


If a hourly rate is set in your users card, then a task cost for the time spent will also be automatically calculated and reported.


More information available on timesheet feature.


Follow your project or tasks



Follow your projects :

If you use opportunities, get instantly the potentiel turnover of your leads, weighted with the probability, to get your future turnover.

If you decide to use tasks, follow their progress and compare with what you planned. Show the planning using the Gantt view.

Project overview



Projects offer an overview tab displaying a lot of information about projects and linked elements in Dolibarr such as proposals, invoices, orders...

All these data allow you to determine gains and losses resulting from the project.