Allows your employees to make leave requests.
Once the leave request is approved, the system automatically decreases the leave balance.

Define different types of leaves/holidays

According to your country and its laws, define all the types of leaves and define how the leave requests are managed.

Create a leave request

Give your employees the permission to create their own leave requests.

Approve or refuse each leave request

As a supervisor, you will receive an e-mail which contains a direct link to the leave request record of your subordinate. You can use the link to navigate into the system and accept or reject the leave request. The employee will get a notification informing him or her about the status of the leave request.

Analyze and update the balance of leave/holidays

The application will update automatically (or not), the balance for each type of leave/holidays.

List and filter leave requests

List and filter all leave requests according to their status, date, employee, or any other property. Export your data into text files.

Get a monthly statement of leave requests.

As a Human Resources manager, edit the balance of each user, for each type of holiday or leave, at any time.

Track leave requests and remaining leave/holidays

As an employee, consult the status of all your leave requests and your balance of remaining leave/holidays.

More information on how to manage Leaves is available in this video...