Dolibarr is a perfect software for billing. It manages different kinds of invoices and offers many ways to create your invoices very easily and quickly.


There are many ways to create a new bill. The most practical is to create it from a source document like a proposal, order, contract or intervention and also from customer cards in one click.



Dolibarr manages five types of bills :

  • standard invoice : the basic invoice mostly used in business relationship;
  • credit note : a credit memo for the same or lower amount than the invoice, then to repay the money to the buyer or sets it off against a balance due from other transactions;
  • replacement invoice : to cancel and replace an invoice following a billing error;
  • déposit invoice : to register money given in advance to support the intention to complete a commercial transaction;
  • situation invoice : to invoice as and when, rather than to invoice at the end of the work.

Just validate it to give it its definitive number – the numbering mask can be personalized.

The invoice will notice you as the expeditor, the thirdparty adress and all the legal id of your company in the footer.

Your bank account can be printed on it in order your customer makes a bank transfer.

Send your invoices directly in an e-mail to your customer :


Find all your invoices in a list. Sort and filter your list to get the information you need :



Find easily your unpaid bills and genereate a PDF document or send a mail per customer to remind him to pay the bills.



All you have to do is save the payments