The e-mailing functionality of Dolibarr is very practical. It allows sending e-mailing campaigns very easily.


1 - First settings


Before creating any e-mail content, choose a sending address and another one to receive errors e-mails.


2 - Fill in the body of the e-mail


You can personalize the e-mail body using tags that will be replaced by each recipient data. For example __FIRSTNAME__ will be replaced by the first name of all the recipients. Just copy and paste the tags you need in your e-mail.

It is also possible to attach a file in the e-mail.


Before sending your e-mailing campaign, you can test your e-mail content sending one to an address of your choice.


3 - Select your recipients


The recipients selector gives the ability to choose mail addresses depending on many criteria for a precise targeting. It is also able to prevent you from selecting twice the same mail address.

It remains possible to input manually e-mail addresses that are not in your database.


4 - Send your emailing campaign


Just click on the "send" button to inform your recipients of your news !


5 - Check the e-mails status


Once the e-mailing campaign is sent, the status is updated letting you know whether the e-mails have been sent properly or not. If all the mails have not been sent, it will be possible to send again those whose sending failed.


6 - Follow-up you emailing campaign


You can include in your e-mails an unsubscribe link. If a recipient click on the link, Dolibarr will not let you select this e-mail address again for another emailing campaign.

In the case, this contact card will display this information.


For further functionalities...


Dolibarr can be interfaced with MailChimp using the connector to be downloaded on the Dolistore.

If you have a lot of recipients to select for your emailing campaigns, you can also use the advanced recipient selector to make it easier to find the rights contacts mail addresses.