Create and send mass e-mailing campaigns without any external tool




1 - Create your Emailing content



Create emailing campaigns using an easy to use WYSIWYG HTML editor. You can also attach files to your sent emails.

Personalize the e-mail using variables that will be replaced with personalized values for each recipient, like


  • First name, Last name, Email of recipient and signature of emailing author.
  • Invisible markers to track if email is read or not.
  • An easy to use links to allow recipients to unsubscribe in one click to your mass emailing campaigns.
  • And more variables depending on other modules you activated...




2 - Select your recipients


Select the recipients of your emailing campaign among a list of predefined targets : You can select among any customer, supplier, partner, employees or from an external source. The recipients selector gives the ability to choose mail addresses depending on a lot of criteria for an accurate targeting.

Combine different sources if you need. The application will automatically discard duplicated emails.



3 - Test your campaign


Send your email to few test emails to validate your setup with a real email reader.



4 - Send your emailing campaign


Send your email campaign in one click. Track results of your campaign to know which email was sent or not, who has opened the email and who has decided to unsubscribe.



5 - Duplicate your campaign to restart it later


Once the e-mailing campaign is sent, the status is updated letting you know whether the e-mails have been sent properly or not. If all the mails have not been sent, you can retry to send them later.

Or just duplicate your campaign, content and/or recipient to start a new campaign in few clicks.



For further functionalities...


If you prefer using your own Emailing service (MailChimp, SendInBlue, SendGrid, ...), you can check if a connector is available on the Dolistore