The subscription or contracts functionality is useful in order to gather services on a customer account and over a period of time. These services can start and end each one on different dates. The subscription module makes it easy to identify services to be billed and/or to renew.


1 - Creating a contract


Create a contract , select a customer, a date, and internal contacts as sales representative in charge of the contract follow-up and signing.


2 - Adding services on the contract


Select the predefined services or input a free-entry to do during the contract. For each contract line, you can add a description that will be added to the service one in the contracts PDF document. Then validate the contract.


3 - Setting dates on services


Once your services are set in the contract, add each one start and end dates. These dates are useful to display services status in lists and statistics and make contracts and services easy to follow-up.


4 - Status of services


Depending on contract and services dates, services can be 

- Not running : the service has not yet to be done.

- Running, not expired : the service is running within the contract dates.

- Expired : the service has no longer to be done.

- Closed : the customer stopped his subscription to this service.


You can set new dates on expired services to get them running again.


5 - Follow-up your services


In lists of contracts and on homepage boxes you will find different information about the services status.


6 - Billing a contract


You can create invoices on contracts card with services to bill according to contract terms and date.


7 - Close a service or a contract


Each service of a contract can be manually closed if a customer decides to end its implementation.

If a customer decides to stop all the services of a contract, you can close the contract. This action will cancel all pending services.


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Interventions and projects can be linked to contracts