Projects and task are useful to plan workload and to assign users on task. You can then follow-up their advancement till a complete progression and then close the project. 

The module manages financial data to let you know about gain and loss resulting from the whole project.


1 – Create projects


You can create projects to follow up the advancement of your employees on a business affair.  Just complete the reference, write a short description and create the project.

Projects can be linked to several third parties. It is then not necessary to select a third party to create a project.


2 – Select the users 


Once the project is created, select your employees and partner who will participate at the project achievement in the contact tab. 

Defining them as contact of the project will allow them to see the advancement, to be task resources and to input time they spent on the task of the project.


3 – Create tasks


Add tasks to the project, directly from the project page or from the menu link.

Tasks registration only requires a label. But many other data can be saved :

  • a user as a resource
  • start and end dates
  • a planned workload
  • a description

You can create sub-tasks and get a hierarchy of the tasks in a project.


4 – Assign users on tasks


Once you created a task, add them resources : employees or partners in charge of doing the job.

Types of resources can be personalized in Dolibarr dictionaries.


5 – Lists of projects


Projects cards can be opened from two menu entries : project and my projects lists. The difference is in the fact that you are, or not, a resources of the project.

The ability to see all the projects depends on users permissions.


6 – Status of projects


Lists of projects let you sort and filter projects depending on their status. Projects are first saved as draft (creation  processing), then running (tasks are running) and closed : all the tasks are completed.


7 – Save time spent on tasks


Time spent can be declared on each task card or globally per week or day clicking on new time spent menu link. You can also add a comment to each time spent you declare on a task card.

At this step, you can also add a progression percentage to the time spent on the task. This will let you know about running and achieved tasks.

If a salary is set in your users' card, then a task cost will be automatically calculated.


8 – Project overview


Projects offer an overview tab displaying a lot of information about projects and linked elements in Dolibarr such as proposals, invoices, orders...

All these data allow you to determine gains and losses resulting from the project.


9 – Gantt diagram


Depending of the projects and tasks dates, Dolibarr automatically generates a Gantt diagram displaying tasks planned realization dates.


To know more about projects and tasks features, visit the Dolibarr wiki.