Dolibarr includes import and export wizards that will be usefull to extract or import data from or into your Dolibarr. You will then be able to import these data into another software or to reprocess it.


The wizards allow to import or export most of data registered on many elements in several formats (Excel, CSV).




Export operation takes place in 4 steps :


  1. Choose the family among those that gives the ability to export data
  2. Choose the fields you want to add in the extraction file
  3. Add filters on fields to narrow your extract results
  4. Arrange the selected fields according to your external needs and download the file.


These 4 steps completed, the file can be generated and is ready to download.


If you often export the same data, save export profiles: for your next export, jump over all steps selectionning an existing profile.


Import procedure is close from the export procedure


  1. Choose the family
  2. Download the example file to fill in and upload it once filled in
  3. Re-arrange your fields to fit into Dolibarr ones
  4. launch data export


To avoid errors, Dolibarr includes a simulation tool that checks data to import. Once the simulation is made, a report is displayed to help you modify you source file