commercialThe work of the Dolibarr foundation for 2011-2012 has been approved and new board members elected.

Result of votes are visible on page:

Remind that reports for 2011-2012 year are available here :

The new board is now :
-Maxime Longuet
-Régis Houssin
-Juanjo Menent
-Jean Heimburger
-Laurent Destailleur
-Philippe Grand
-Régis Houssin
-Guillaume Laurès

The new office is now :
-Laurent Destailleur - Président
-Philippe Grand - Trésorerier
-Jean Heimburger - Secrétaire

A new year start now, and this is a small roadmap of future events :
- release of version 3.2 soon
- solution linux congress in paris
- enhancement into
- more promotion into foreign countries
- creation of other languages communities
- development of program Dolibarr preferred partner
- and more...