Dolibarr 17 Beta

dolibarr It's time to start the beta of Dolibarr ERP CRM version 17.0

All developers and users are invited to test the 17.0 BETA version from github sources (branch develop to get files).

Now the freeze period is started, I won't add new features during few days, until i think things are stable enough to start to work both in branch develop and in branch 17.0 (available soon).
You can have a look on the "Freeze definition" on this page to know what you CAN DO or NOT during the Freeze period.

Because we entered the beta period, please, if you work on Dolibarr code, spend your time to fix bugs and only fix bugs, as much as you can.
The project need your fixes. This is a list of reported issues on our Github bug tracker.

Laurent, Aka Eldy.

This is list of changes available into this version compared to previous one:

***** ChangeLog for 17.0.0 compared to 16.0.0 *****

For users:

NEW: Minimal PHP version is now PHP 7.0 instead of PHP 5.6
NEW: #21750 Added "Get lines and Post lines from BOM" at the REST Service
NEW: #21780 Add pid field to Cronjob class and store PID on job execution
NEW: #20650 can move the checkbox column on left (experimental option)
NEW: #21000 Added columns 'alias_name' on poject, supplier invoice, supplier order, supplier proposals and taks list
NEW: #21395 Added option for dark theme mode in display - color and theme
NEW: #21397 added option to auto define barcode numbers for third-parties in barcode module setup
NEW: #21399
NEW: #21442 Enhancement of module builder init
NEW: #21654 add bank account number used on invoices for debit
NEW: #21775 Template 03 manages send mails
NEW: #22048 Added notes to productlot module
NEW: #22298 Bank - Add salaries & vat in tab planned entries
NEW: #22328
NEW: #22370 Modulebuilder supports 'alwayseditable' (like extrafields)
NEW: #22424
NEW: #22500 member module set up made easier
NEW: #22527 projects and thirdparties can be viewed as conversation ("Message" view), like events/agenda.
NEW: #22546 can now set user supervisors using mass action in htdocs/user
NEW: #22594 can chose if VAT ID is unique or not for third parties
NEW: #22622 all partneships displayed on tab partnership of a thirdparty and member
NEW: #22676 massaction for updating product prices
NEW: #22735 Massaction to affect users on projects
NEW: #25594 can chose if VAT ID is unique or not for third parties
NEW: #4482 adding js to hide/show advanced option on the export data page
NEW: Accountancy - Add a graphic option to enable lettering function - FPC21
NEW: Accountancy - Add a way to clean some words when you generate thirdparty accounting account
NEW: Accountancy - Added an option during export to export or not the lettering FPC21
NEW: Accountancy - Manage supplier deposit with specific account
NEW: Accountancy - Model Digitaria - Add a way to clean some words when you generate thirdparty accounting account FPC22
NEW: Add a button "Test collect" in email collector
NEW: Add a constant to disallow modification of the product reference.
NEW: Add a method doAutoRenewContracts that can be used as a cron task.
NEW: Add " as enclosure by default for CSV export. Keep removing CR/LF.
NEW: add attached file in presend email form of thirdparty card
NEW: Add a way to enter LICENSE file content in property of website
NEW: Add badge in admin extrafields setup
NEW: Add date event (!= date project) and location on event organization
NEW: Add employment anniversary in birthday box
NEW: Add extrafield type "IP" to store IP addresses
NEW: Add fail2ban rules examples to limit access to /public pages
NEW: Add filter "Product subject to lot/Serial" in stock per lot/serial
NEW: Add free membership amounts at the membership type level
NEW: Add hidden option MAIN_EMAIL_SUPPORT_ACK to restore Email ack checkbox (feature abandonned by mailers)
NEW: Add IMAP port setting on email collector module
NEW: Adding JAPAN Chart-of-Account and regions/departments
NEW: Adding NIF verification for Algeria
NEW: Add 4 other templates in website module
NEW: Add link to create an element from the category page
NEW: add margin infos to takepos invoice lines
NEW: Add max size send for "backup and link to mail" option
NEW: Add method httponly_accessforbidden()
NEW: Add more advices into the Setup security page
NEW: Add new global variable for keeping the previous signature information on proposale (case of reopen a proposale)
NEW: Add objectLink on expedition
NEW: Add oldcopy to Ticket so triggers intercepting TICKET_MODIFY have access to old values of the updated properties
NEW: Add option --force on CLI cron_run_jobs.php
NEW: Add option "Show price on the generated documents for receptions"
NEW: Add performance index (name for company and contact) and llx_bank_url(url_id)
NEW: Add picto property on sub-module for paswword generation
NEW: Add price to product box in TakePOS
NEW: add redirect on action confirm addconsumedline and addproduceline
NEW: Add a new advanced permission "read price"
NEW: Add substitution key __SENDEREMAIL_SIGNATURE__
NEW: Add the referrer-policy to "same-origin" by default on all public pages.
NEW: Add the SMTP header References on ticket email created by email
NEW: Add the thirdparty column to the time list (projet/tasks/time.php)
NEW: Add trigger to record the event of sending an email from a project #20912
NEW: Allow download link option in module configuration (propal,invoice,supplier proposal, order)
NEW: Bank - Add salaries & vat in tab planned entries
NEW: Bulk action to remove a category in list/search website pages
NEW: Can copy/paste images into emails sent.
NEW: Can edit label of an emailing even once sent
NEW: Can edit property css, cssview, csslist on extrafields
NEW: Can enter the unit price including the vat
NEW: Can invoice task time per different services
NEW: Can join several files by default on email form
NEW: Can send an email on scheduled job error
NEW: Can set a commercial discount by entereing amount including VAT
NEW: Can set a monthly frequency (or multiple) in cron tasks.
NEW: Can set start and end dates and comment on button "Activate all services"
NEW: can sort and preselected best supplier price
NEW: Website Can delete a whole website if disabled
NEW: Website Can remove a website template
NEW: Website can set header "Strict-Transport-Security" in web sites.
NEW: Website Can switch status of website and page from the website toolbar
NEW: Website Templates of websites are now directories and not zip into core repo
NEW: Can use products categories to make inventory
NEW: Change filter type on tickets list into a multiselect combo
NEW: conf TIMESPENT_ALWAYS_UPDATE_THM, when it's on we always check current thm of user to update it in task time line
NEW: show date delivery planned on orders linked to company and product
NEW: default_lang for members
NEW: Default template of contract is not mandatory
NEW: Default values in extrafields are not more limited to 255 char.
NEW: display currency in takepos menu
NEW: Enable online signature for interventions
NEW: Encrypt all sensitive constants in llx_const
NEW: extrafield price with currency
NEW: filter on reception dates (from / to) in cheque paiement card
NEW: TakePOS Header Scroll in TakePOS
NEW: TakePOS Add setup parameters, can setup terminal name
NEW: TakePOS support of Stripe Terminal with Takepos
NEW: TakePOS Receipt preview in TakePOS setup
NEW: TakePOS different product list on smartphone
NEW: If we select another view list mode, we keep it
NEW: Init module bookcal
NEW: Introduce dolEncrypt and dolDecrypt to be able to encrypt data in db
NEW: Invoice - Add french mention on pdf when vat debit option is on
NEW: invoice export : add accounting affectation
NEW: label on products categories filter
NEW: The link "add to bookmark" is always on top in the bookmark popup
NEW: MAIN_SEARCH_CATEGORY_PRODUCT_ON_LISTS const to show category customer filter
NEW: Make module WebservicesClient deprecated. Use module WebHook instead
NEW: manage no email with thirdparties (better for GDPR)
NEW: Manage Position (Rank) on Contract Lines
NEW: Manage VAT on all lines on purchases cycle
NEW: manage virtual stock at a future date
NEW: ModuleBuilder can generate code of class from an existing SQL table
NEW: On a bank reconciled line, we can modify the bank receipt
NEW: On a form to send an email, we show all emails of all contacts of object
NEW: Option PRODUIT_DESC_IN_FORM accept (desktop only or +smartphone)
NEW: Page for mass stock transfer can be used with no source stock
NEW: parent company column and filter in invoice and order list
NEW: Add show "Sales rep" option for PDF
NEW: Picto for shared link is clicable
NEW: possibility to select scopes with checkbox for Oauth tokens
NEW: private and public note on user, thirdparty and contact list
NEW: product categories filter on inventory list
NEW: Product supplier price: autofill default supplier VAT
NEW: Project - Add author on list
NEW: Public counters feature
NEW: Reception - Add a from/to on search on date field
NEW: Start a simple support of recurrent events on agenda
NEW: Resize parent company column in order list
NEW: Saved token of OAUTH module are now encrypted into llx_oauth_token
NEW: Save one click to select on delivery ack, on emails.
NEW: scheduled job to send unpaid invoice reminder can now use the cc and bcc from email template
NEW: set thirdparty type with company modify trigger
NEW: Show also shceduled task never finished in scheduled task widget
NEW: show badge with number of extrafields in setup
NEW: show category tree in sellist and chkbxlst for common object
NEW: Show picto and color into combo for selection of tags
NEW: show product label on inventory
NEW: show sell-by and eat-by dates only if not empty
NEW: show SellBy/EatBy dates for each batch product in shipment card
NEW: skip accept/refuse process for proposals (option PROPAL_SKIP_ACCEPT_REFUSE)
NEW: SMTP using oauth2 authentication
NEW: can substitue project title in mail template
NEW: Supplier order list - Add column private and public note
NEW: Support IP type in extrafields
NEW: support multilang in Civilities API
NEW: Table of membership types
NEW: The purge of files can purge only if older than a number of seconds
NEW: Update ActionComm type_code on email message ticket
NEW: VAT - Admin - Add information on deadline day for submission of VAT declaration

For developers or integrators:

NEW: #20912 Add trigger to record the event of sending an email from a project
NEW: Removed completely the need for library adodbtime
NEW: hook on agenda pages
NEW: hook to complete payment in TakePOS
NEW: hook "changeHelpURL" to modify target of the help button
NEW: hook formConfirm on action comm card
NEW: hook to modify supplier product html select
NEW: Add new hook for show virtual stock details on product stock card
NEW: Add new hooks for actioncomm
NEW: conf->global->SYSLOG_FILE_ONEPERSESSION accept a string
NEW: translate for contact type API, setup/ticket API, shipping method API
NEW: All ajax pages have now a top_httphead()
NEW: Add API for the partnership module
NEW: Add "Get lines and Post lines from BOM" in the API
NEW: Replace fk_categories_product with categories_product in inventory
NEW: Rewrite of SQL request. Removed the join on category (for filter on categ), replaced with a EXISTS/NOT


Following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:
* Minimal PHP version is now PHP 7.0 instead of PHP 5.6
* The signature of method getNomUrl() of class ProductFournisseur has been modified to match the signature of method Product
* All functions fetch_all() have been set to deprecated for naming consitency, use fetchAll() instead.
* Code standardization: '$user->rights->propale' is now '$user->rights->propal' everywhere.
* Deprecated method set_billed() on shipment and reception class has been removed. Use setBilled() instead.
* Tables llx_prelevement_facture and llx_prelevement_facture_demande have been renamed into llx_prelevement and llx_prelevement_demande.
* Rename the substitution for project label instead of project title in substitution variables

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?