Dolibarr 2.5 available

dolibarr2 month after version 2.4.1 (a minor fix version), a new major version of Dolibarr is available. It's version 2.5.

Main direction of this version is internationnalization. Code was changed to include UTF8 support by default. This allow to translate Dolibarr into other languages than latin language. But a lot of other enhancements make this version to be be a major version...

Dolibarr is a software built by modules addition (you enable only features you need), to manage small or medium companies, freelancers or fundations. We can say Dolibarr is an ERM or CRM (or both depending on activated modules). It's an opensource project base on a WAMP or LAMP server (Apache, Mysql, PHP). Dolibarr differs from other softwares on same category like OpenAguila, OpenBravo, OpenERP (Ex TinyERP), Neogia, Compiere, etc because everything was made to be more simple. Dolibarr is an S3S software :
* Simple to develop
* Simple to install
* Simple to use

Dolibarr targets small and medium companies, freelance or fundations. More sophisticated softwares targets more important structures.

What Dolibarr do in this version

This is a summary of main Dolibarr features

== Main modules ==
* Products and services catalog
* Stock management
* Bank accounts management
* Customers, Suppliers or Prospects directory
* Contacts directory
* Commercial actions management
* Orders management
* Commercial proposals management with PDF export
* Contracts management
* Invoices management with PDF export
* Payments management
* Standing orders management
* Shipping management
* Support NPR VAT (for french DOM-TOM)

== Other modules ==
* [[Adherents|Fundations members management]]
* Gestion des Bookmarks
* EMailing
* Can reports Dolibarr events inside Webcalendar
* Reporting
* Data export tools
* LDAP connectivity
* Donations management

== Miscellanous ==
* Multi-user, with several permissions levels for each feature.
* Serveral menu managers (can be used by internal users, as a back-office, with a particular menu, or by external users, as a front-office, with another menu and permissions).
* Very user friendly and easy to use.
* Several skins.
* Code is highly customizable (a lot of use of modules).
* Works with Mysql 3.1 or higher, experimental support for PostgreSql.
* Works with PHP 4.3 or higher.

New features in 2.5 compared to 2.4

This is a list of new features in 2.5 compared to 2.4:

For users:
- Sessions timeout can be configured to overwrite PHP setup.
- Can filter on date in services list.
- Support bookmark add of product cards.
- Enhancement in stock management (Automatic increase/decrease
from order or invoice is possible).
- New filter options in prospect lists (category and level).
- New view in ECM module.
- Look enhancements for graphics (add transparency).
- Added statistics report for supplier invoices.
- Added average amount in invoices statistics reports.
- Can move a contract line to another contract of same third party.
- Add an export definition to export interventions.
- Can set umask file permissions on Unix/Linux/BSD systems.
- Miscelanous bug fixes.
- A lot of other enhancements to increase productivity.
- All phone numbers show the clicktodial link if module is enabled.
- Can define hour and minutes in intervention cards.
- Can edit a validated intervention.
- Add filters on intervention list.
- Add juridical status and number of employees in third party
- export definition.
- A lot of enhancements and translation in withdraw module.
- Full support of Mysql option mode=strict.
- Added a new event from member module to agenda tracked events.
- Can attach a file to suppliers orders.
- Change to make Bank Account Number form more "internationnal".
- Can clone an invoice.
- Can clone an emailing.
- Reduce memory usage (about 2%).
- Add weight and size in sendings module.
- Add a fast search form on left menu for member module.
- Fix: Do not show export filter for disabled modules
- Show greyed lines for not allowed export filters.
- Add nature in product fields (manufactured product or not).
- Add export filters for category module and trip and expenses module.
- Can choose login of dolibarr account created when create from contact

For translators:
- The errors language file contains only error or warning messages with
prefix Error or Warning.
- HTML Output is by default in UTF8 and language files can be provided
in UTF8.

For developers:
- Update skeletons (some fixes and add function createFromClone).
- Add an experimental Cash Desk module.
- Added new triggers events in agenda module.
- All submodules are moved in the includes directory.
- Removed some deprecated files.
- Menu managers now use same class name for their menu entry
  and add a different value in an HTML id for each entry. This allows
  to build skins that use different style for each menu entry.
- All emails and url HTML output use same function.
- Add more integrity check on database
- Can disable modules on logon page. This make possible to
  have several profiles of demo with only one demo. Also added a new
  Dolibarr demo front page (in htdocs/public/demo).
- Allow modules to add new tabs.

This version can be downloaded from download area in official web site: (english) (french)

Other features

This release is done with other news:

DoliWamp version (setup wizard for Windows to install Apache, Mysql, PHP and Dolibarr with a simple .exe) is also availabe for non experienced users:

Le wiki
Now Dolibarrr wiki is in serveral languages.
Most documentation is in French but wiki pages can now be translated in other languages (translation for other languages will be done page after page and is opened to everybody):

An online demo
Online demo has been update to reflect 2.5 version:

MDA generator tool to build quickly Dolibarr module is still compatible with this version:

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?