Dolibarr 3.0 beta

dolibarr After nearly two month testing the CVS version, it's time to launch a first Dolibarr 3.0 beta version. It's the first time a beta begins with absolutely no major nor minor bugs known when the beta starts. Also a lot of important test were made on all common and new features.

Package for Ubuntu/Debian (DoliBuntu) and Windows (DoliWamp) were also successfully built and tested this week-end, however, for the beta, only the tgz package will be available. Package DoliBuntu and DoliWamp will be provided with first release candidate.

You can download it from the download area :

This is changelog for this version:

***** ChangeLog for 3.0 compared to 2.9 *****

For users:
- New: Can edit date of cheque receipts.
- New: Add Sales journal and Purchase journal report.
- New: Can create supplier invoice from supplier order.
- New: Support login by openid
- New: Support "full day" event in calendar module.
- New: Add a weather on dashboard.
- New: Add a Paypal module.
- New: Can choose third party to use in point of sale module during logon.
- New: A lot of enhancements into ECM module:
Directories can contains special characters,
Speed enhancements,
Directories can be created outside of Dolibarr, refresh button will
update database,
Can rename a file.
- New: Reordering lines in invoice, orders, commercial proposal is faster (use Ajax
- New: Can import members using assistant.
- New: Can exclude deposit, replacement or credit notes in script rebuild_merge_pdf.
- New: task #10473 : Option MAIN_PROFIDx_IN_ADDRESS must no more be hidden.
- New: Can generate business card for on particular member.
- New: Task #10553 : Can attach files on members card.
- New: Can filter on payment type and bank account in payment lists.
- New: When sending supplier orders by mail, a text is predefined.
- New: Upgrade process works with Postgresql.
- New: Task #10538: Add filter on expiration date of subscription for
foundation module email selector.
- New: Task #9643: Add 2 status (tosell/tobuy) on products instead of only
1 status for both selling and buying.
- New: Can input payment conditions on several lines.
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_LOGOUT_GOTO_URL to set the exit url after
a logout.
- New: For germany, we invert order of address.
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_SERVICES_ARE_ECOMMERCE_200238EC.
- New: Support NPR in customer product prices.
- New: Add more volume units (ounce, gallon, inch, feet, ...)
- New: Delivery date accepts hours and minutes.
- New: Can add a comment on stock dispatching to be save into stock movements.
- New: Can filter product list with too low stocks.
- New: Add option to send all emails sent to a bulk carbon copy.
- New: Preview of emails sent by member module is shown.
- New: task #10100 : Add button to create invoice from a subscription
- New: Reorganize tabs on third parties.
- New: Option MAIN_INVERT_SENDER_RECIPIENT is available in einstein pdf template.
- New: Easier way to define url for clicktodial module.
- New: Add a fckeditor test area in fckeditor module setup.
- New: Add property "Event on full day" on agenda
- New: Enhancement and better compatibility (google, thunderbird) for agenda export.
- New: Can use image editor on user photo.
- New: Task #10796: Add Spain ProfId1 Verification
- New: Page "supplier summary" is now available.
- New: Task #10611: Add option to choose order of field in bank account info on PDF
- New: If a transaction was reconciliated and should not, there was no way to reverse error.
- New: Ubuntu package now works also on debian.
- Perf: Avoid reading database to determine country code after each
page call.
- Fix: Special chars are now supported in ECM module for filename (not yet for
- Fix: Better Postgresql compatibility.
- Fix: Box order is saved when moved.
- Fix: Database name can contains "-" characters.
- Fix: In coloring negative amounts.
- Fix: Date input use date format of user and not dd/mm/yyyy format.
- Fix: Fixed a very old bug making file attachment fails with some emails
readers when using "mail php function".
- Fix: When cloning commercial proposal, due date is creation date + delay
by default.

For translators:
- New: Update and complete slovenian language sl_SL.
- New: Add full manually translated files for de_AT en de_DE (thanks to
- New: Create the language ja_JP.
- New: Add el_GR language.

For developers:
- New: Add jquery by default.
- New: Removed PWC libraries.
- New: Removed Scriptaculous libraries.
- New: Removed Prototype libraries.
- New: Add first Selenium GUI tests.
- New: Enhance a lot of internal function to build external modules
more easily.
- New: Local user timezone is saved into session (not used yet).
- New: Works with Mysql 5.5.
- Qual: Menu system code is simpler.
- Qual: Mutualize some duplicate code.
- Qual: Renamed some fields into database to be more internationnal.
- Qual: Removed deprecated code.

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?