Dolibarr ERP & CRM 3.3.0 beta 1

dolibarrThe first beta version of future Dolibarr 3.3.0 is now available. You can find it into the download area of portal (subdirectory Beta and prereleases). It's Christmas! 

Please try it and report all found bugs on forum or onto Doliforge bug tracker

This is full changes of this version compared to 3.2.0:

For users:
- New: [ task #289 ] Can reorder tasks.
- New: Add field "signature" into thirdparty card. If filled, text is added 
       at end of predefined email texts. If option MAIL_DO_NOT_USE_SIGN is on, this
       feature is disabled.
- New: Can input a payment back onto an credit note.
- New: Add link "Back to list" on all cards.
- New: After first install, warning are visible onto mandatory setup not
       configured. Show also total number of activated modules.
- New: Can filter list of proposal, order or invoice on sales representative.
- New: Add supplier ref on supplier orders.
- New: Can export supplier orders and customers shipments.
- New: First change to install external plugins from gui (experimental). 
- New: Monaco is like France for default vat calculation
- New: Can list elements (invoices, orders or proposals) on a particular
  user contact). This allow to view a "basket" of its elements.
- New: Show bank account on payment list of invoice card.
- New: Cloning project allow to clones task, notes, files, contacts. 
- New: Enhance default style.
- New: Can edit and resiliate member status from list.
- New: Can insert URL links into elements lines. Also reported into PDF.
- New: When a member is validated, we can subscribe to mailing-lists
       according to its type.
- New: Add a tab into members statistics to count members by nature.
- New: Add link to third party into sells and purchase journal.
- New: Suggest a method to generate a backup file for user with no access
       to mysqldump binary.
- New: Can also use extrafields on contacts/addresses and users.
- New: Support unique field for extrafields.
- New: Extra fields supports more types (int, string, double, date, datetime).
- New: Can correct stock of a warehouse from warehouse card.
- New: [ task #185 ]: Can input amount when correcting stock to recalculate PMP.
- New: [ task #454 ]: Add "No category" into filters on category.
- New: Auto check box on page to edit interface options of user.
- New: More surface control on stock correction page.
- New: Add great britain provinces.
- New: [ task #494 ] Send an email to foundation when a new member has auto-subscribed.
- New: [ task #326 ]: Add a numbering module to suggest automatically a product ref.
- New: Add conditional substitution IF/ELSEIF/ENDIF for ODT templates.
- New: Add unit foot2, inch2, foot3 and inch3 for surface and volumes.
- New: Can select thirdparties into emailing targets, even if module category is not enabled.
- New: [ task #498 ] Improvement of the block to add products/services lines.
- New: ECM autodir works also for files joined to products and services.
- New: Add a selection module for emailing to enter a recipient from gui.
- New: Allow to search thirds and products from barcodes directly from the permanent mini search left box.
- New: Allow to search product from barcodes directly from invoices, proposals... through AJAX.
- New: Can make one invoice for several orders.
- New: POS module can works with only one payment method (cach, chq, credit card).
- New: Add possibility to defined position/job of a user.
- New: Add hidden option to add slashes between lines into PDF.
- New: [ task #210 ] Can choose cash account during POS login.
- New: [ task #104 ] Can create an invoice from several orders.
- New: Update libs/tools/logo for DoliWamp (now use PHP 5.3).
- New: Added ODT Template tag {object_total_discount}
- New: Add new import options: Third parties bank details, warehouses and stocks, categories and suppliers prices
- New: English bank account need a bank code (called sort code) to identify an account. 
- New: Can choose menu entry to show with external site module.
       to force margins of generated PDF.
- New:  [ task #314 ] Can define if prof id are mandatory or not.
- New: Add button on order card to create intervention from services.
- New: Add search box to find products by supplier reference.
- New: Add option MAIN_HELPCENTER_LINKTOUSE to define target link "I need help" onto logon page. 
- New: [ task #608 ] Can clone a supplier order with prices updates
- New: [ task #559 ] Can define a discount % regarding quantity in supplier prices and price by quantity in customer prices
- New: [ task #527 ] After cloning a suplier invoice, go onto invoice ref into edit mode

New experimental modules:
- New: Add margin management module.
- New: Add commissions management module.

- Fix: [ bug #499 ]: Supplier order input method not translated
- Fix: No images into product description lines as PDF generation does
  not work with this.
- Fix: Errors weren't being shown in customer's & supplier's orders
- Fix: Lastname wasn't being recorded in xinputuser emailing module.

For developers:
- New: Add webservice for thirdparty creation and list.
- New: A module can overwrite templates parts.
- New: Can add a link on title field of added dictionnary.
- New: Uniformize code.
- New: A module can add several css and js.
- New: removed deprecated methods
       ldap::connect, formadmin::select_lang,
- New: Add custom substitution function for ODT product lines: mymodule_completesubstitutionarray_lines()
- New: Basic implementation of hooks and triggers for a lot (most) of core modules: 
  action/calendar, trips and expenses, dons, vat payment, contact/society, contract, product lines, 
  expedition, order supplier and order invoice (lines included), intervention card, project, tasks.
- New: Add ChromePHP output into syslog module.
- New: Add PRODUCT_PRICE_MODIFY trigger.
- New: Created function to retrieve total amount of discount of an invoice/proposal...
- New: We can use a dynamic value ($conf->global->XXX for example) into titles of menus.

For translators:
- New: Update language files (de, tr, pt, ca, es, en, fr).
- New: Added bg_BG autotranslated language.
- New: Translate the donation receipt.

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?