Dolibarr DevCamp at Montpellier (France) in April 2013

The Dolibarr foundation, in partnership with FRUL,Montpel'libre and Kawenga, presents the Dolibarr DevCamp 2013, which will take place from April 19 to 21, 2013 in Montpellier, France.

The goal of this event is to meet Dolibarr developpers in real, and explain the good way to use Dolibarr eco-system tools, meet Dolibarr Foundation people, make communication easier, and promote Dolibarr.


As Dolibarr 3.3.0 is just released, we will focus on bug fixing and give a way to developpers to develop high potential end user features This meeting is first dedicated to Developpers, but if users want to come to says "hello", it's also welcome.  Some of users and companies who use Dolibarr as main ERP/CRM will come to share their experience and express their wishes. Dolibarr is made for final users by passionate developpers so have user feedback is always good to have.

For more information and if you are interested in beeing present, take a look at page:

  • Fédération des Utilisateurs du Libre en Languedoc-roussillon :

This is a preview of program :

Friday 19 April :

  • 14H00-15H30 : Gate Open - Welcome and free discuss until 15h30
  • 15H30-16H30 : Round table presentation.
  • 16H30-17H30 : User experience return (Florian Henry-Cargohub)
  • 17H30-18H30 : Other user experience return by Participants
  • 19H00-20H00 : Diner
  • 20H00-20H30 : Doliforge presentation
  • 20H00 -.... : Bug/task fixing base on Doliforge bug (also call beer2beer and developement)

Saturday 20 April :

  • 09H00-10H00 : Breakfast
  • 10H00-13H00 : General meeting/assembly of the foundation
  • 13H00-14H00 : Launch
  • 14H00-18H00 : Users "hello" time
  • 19H00-20H00 : Diner
  • 20H00 -.... : Bug/task fixing base on Doliforge bug or module to adapt to push into core.

Sunday 21 April :

  • 09H00-10H00 : Breakfast
  • 10H00-12H00 : Documentation writing about what append during this DevCamps
  • 12H00-13H00 : Launch
  • 13H00-17H00 : Bug/task fixing base on Doliforge bug or module to adapt to push into core.
  • 17H00 : End of DevCamp

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?