Dolibarr ERP & CRM 3.2 (final release) is available

6 month after previous release, the final release version for Dolibarr 3.2 is available.

There is absolutely no new features compared to beta and release candidate but fixes.

You can download Dolibarr 3.2.0 at

WARNING: PHP lower than 5.x are no more supported.

This is ChangeLog of this version compared to 3.1.1

***** ChangeLog for 3.2 compared to 3.1 *****
WARNING: PHP lower than 5.x are no more supported.
WARNING: Because of a major datastructure change onto supplier prices tabkes, be aware
to make a backup of your database before making upgrade.

For users:
- New: Each user can remove/add its own boxes.
- New: Add signature at end of predefined email text.
- New: Can use personalized fields of products/services.
- New: Can attach files on social contributions.
- New: Show payments terms and conditions onto muscadet template.
- New: Can open back a closed commercial proposal.
- New: show thirdparty barcode on main tab.
- New: Can input note (private and public) during note and expenses creation.
- New: Print ticket show invoice ref into POS module.
- New: Can edit customer discounts from invoice create and edit card.
- New: task #11243: Show quantity into stocks for each sub-products into the sub-product tab.
- New: task #10500: Option to choose if professional id are unique.
- New: Add hidden option FOURN_PRODUCT_AVAILABILITY.
- New: task #11123: Add best supplier price.
- New: Enhancement in styles.
- New: Can conciliate several lines in one operation.
- New: task #11289 : Modify third party accountancy code generator aquarium.
- New: task #10606 : more comprehensive message error.
- New: task #11278 : Option into point of sale module to add services in list.
- New: task #11261 : Add an entry into menu called "New shipment".
- New: [ task #187 ] Gerer les evenement recurrents dans les imports ical
- New: Make option MAIN_GENERATE_DOCUMENTS_WITHOUT_VAT available by default.
- New: Can build PDF in USLetter format or canada format (change paper size).
- New: Can export into Excel 2007 format.
- New: Add hidden option CASHDESK_FORCE_STOCK_ON_BILL
- New: Can search on part of barcode into POS module.
- New: Cheques into cheques receipts are ordered by operation date.
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_DISABLE_PDF_AUTOUPDATE to avoid generating pdf each time data change.
- New: Add hidden option PROJECT_HIDE_UNSELECTABLES to hide project you can't select into combo list.
- New: Support zip/town autocompletion into warehouses.
- New: Add box for last expired services.
- New: Reduce seriously size of packages.
- New: Can define country code for import.
- New: When invoice was generated from order, order date is visible on PDF, after order ref.
- New: [ task #181 ] Hide password of click2dial in user card
- New: Chart are faster to build
- New: Value of data into charts are visible on mouse hover.
- New: Import wizard can import contacts.
- New: Import wizard can import personalized fields.
- New: Personalized fields support int type.
- New: Install process is now two times faster.
- New: Can sort files into backup tool.
- New: Default output charset are utf8 into backup tool.
- New: Add brazilian states.
- New: Increase usability of module project.
- New: [ task #285 ] Add search filter on project in tasks list.
- New: Automatic list of documents in ECM module is ok for customers,
       suppliers invoice, orders, customers orders, proposals and social contributions.
- New: All professional id can contains up to 128 chars instead of 32. 
- New: [ task #176 ] Allow to use ODT templates for proposals and orders like it's done for invoices
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_ADD_PDF_BACKGROUND to add a PDF as background of invoice/order generated PDF.
- New: Can convert a product/service into service/product.
- New: Show delivery date into proposal template azur. 
- New: Support tags into header and footer into ODT templates.
- Fix: Can use POS module with several concurrent users.
- Fix: Installer don't fails with Mysql version that added a ssl_cypher field.
- Fix: Sanitize input parameters.

For developers:
- New: Can add a left menu into an existing top menu or left menu.
- New: Add webservice to get or create a product or service.
- New: Add webservice to get a user.
- New: Add more "hooks" (like hooks to change way of showing/editing lines into dictionnaries).
- New: Log module outputs can be setup with "or" rule (not only "xor").
- New: Add FirePHP output for logging module.
- New: Trigger now have a priority to define sort execution order.
- New: Can define different requests according to database type into migration files.
- New: Add "canvas" feature to overwrite page of thirdparty, contact, product with yours.
- New: Removed artichow deprecated libraries.
- New: A page can force reload of css style sheet
- New: A module can add import description for import wizard, even for tables with foreign keys.
- New: Can add tabs on statistics views.
- New: Add CSS id/class into public payment pages.
- Qual: Add a lot of more PHPUnit tests.
- Qual: Data structure for supplier prices is simpler.
- Qual: Removed no more used external libraries.
- Qual: Cleaned a lot of dead code.
- Qual: More OOP (usage of "abstract", "static", ...), uniformize constructors.
- Qual: Fix a lot of checkstyle warnings.
- Qual: task #216 : Move /lib into /core/lib directory
- Qual: task #217 : Move core files into core directory (login, menus, triggers, boxes, modules)
WARNING: To reduce technic debt, all functions dolibarr_xxx were renamed int dol_xxx.

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?