Dolibarr ERP & CRM 3.4.0 is available

dolibarrThe release of Dolibarr 3.4.0 is available. You can find it into the download area of portal (subdirectory Stable versions).

This is a major release with a lot of new features for both users and developers. This new version is released under license GPL v3+

This is full changes of this version compared to 3.3.0:

For users:
- New: Can use ODS templates as document templates.
- New: Add link to autofill/reset with quantity to ship when creating a
delivery receipt.
- New: Event into calendar use different colors for different users.
- New: Support revenue stamp onto invoices.
- New: Add a tab "consumption" on thirdparties to list products bought/sells.
- New: Some performance enhancements.
- New: Can attach files onto trip and expenses modules.
- New: Merge tab customer and prospect.
- New: Add ES formated address country rule.
- New: Can define a hierarchical responsible on user and add a tree view to
see hierarchy of users.
- New: Can expand/collapse menus, categories and users list.
- New: extra parameters are supported into ODT/ODS templates.
- New: total per vat rate are available as tags for ODT/ODS templates.
- New: Some part of interface use more CSS3 (ie: agenda)
- New: [ task #707 ] Create option "ProfIdx is mandatory to validate a invoice".
- New: Can define if we want to use VAT or not for subscriptions (foundation module).
- New: Can define a default choice for "More action when recording a
subscription" (foundation module).
- New: Add link to check professional id for India.
- New: [ task #731 ] Uniformize ref generation
- New: [ task #748 ] Add a link "Dolibarr" into left menu
- New: Script email_unpaid_invoices_to_representative accepts now a parameter "test"
and a "late delay".
- New: Can define different clicktodial setups for each user.
- New: Add hidden option INVOICE_CAN_NEVER_BE_REMOVED.
- New: Enhance agenda module to reach RFC2445 ("type" not enabled by default and add
"busy" information).
- New: Add module Opensurvey.
- New: Default approver for holidays is set by default to hierchical parent.
- First change to prepare feature "click to print" (IPP) for PDF.
- New: [ task #350 ] Merge tab customer and prospect.
- New: [ task #710 ] Add substitution into mailing send (and HTML is now valid).
- New: [ task #711 ] Add combobox for contact, as done for product/thirdparty.
- New: [ task #714 ] In Emailing module admin autogenerate security key of READRECEIPT.
- New: [ task #743 ] GED : Add aministration option to disable autotree display.
- New: [ task #767 ] Customer Address fallback when a contact doesn't have an address.
- New: [ task #768 ] WYSIWYG for all mails.
- New: [ task #773 ] Add Project document in GED(ECM) modules.
- New: [ task #783 ] Add more types for extra parameters (lists, phone, emails, checkbox,
prices, radio).
- New: [ task #798 ] Add range limit date on product/services as it is done on order
and invoice.
- New: [ task #814 ] Add extrafield feature for projects ands tasks.
- New: [ task #770 ] Add ODT document generation for Projects module.
- New: [ task #741 ] Add intervention box.
- New: [ task #826 ] Optionnal increase stock when deleting an invoice already validated.
- New: [ task #823 ] Shipping_validate email notification.
- New: [ task #900 ] Review code of ficheinter.class.php
- Fix: [Bug #958] LocalTax2 for Spain fails on Suppliers
- Fix: [ bug #972 ] Auto completion contact field do not take account the min caract number before search
- Fix: [ bug #971 ] html.form.class.php select_contact with autocomplete do not exclude id from exclude array

For translators:
- Update language files.

For developers:
- System of menu managers has been rewritten to reduce code to do same things.
- An external module can force its theme.
- Add function dol_set_focus('#xxx').
- A mymodule can bring its own core/modules/mymodule/modules_mymodule.php file.
- Removed not used libraries.
- More web services.
- Renamed some database fields, code variables and parameters from french to english.
- First change to manage margins on contracts.
- Add hook getFormMail.
- Function plimit of databases drivers accept -1 as value (it means default value set
into conf->liste_limit).
- New: Add option dol_hide_topmenu, dol_hide_leftmenu, dol_optimize_smallscreen,
dol_no_mouse_hover and dol_use_jmobile onto login page (to support different terminal).
- New: dol_syslog method accept a suffix to use different log files for log.
- New: Type of fields are received by export format handlers.
- New: when adding an action, we can define a free code to tag it for a specific need.
- New: Enhance Dolibarr migration process to include migration script of external
- New: [ task #811 ] Uniformanize note field.

WARNING: If you used external modules, some of them may need to be upgraded due to:
- Fields of classes were renamed to be normalized (nom, prenom, cp, ville, adresse, tel
were renamed into lastname, firstname, zip, town, address, phone).
This may also be true for some fields into web services.
- If module use hook pdf_writelinedesc, module may have to add return 1 at end of
function to keep same behaviour.

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?