Dolibarr ERP/CRM 2.9 final release is available

dolibarr The Dolibarr ERP/CRM 2.9 version is a major upgrade of previous version. More information on Dolibarr ERP/CRM web site:


Also, with this version, the Dolibarr foundation launches an official market place for addons, tools and plugins for Dolibarr. This market place is called DoliStore and is available at

All the features covered by this version are described on the website:

New in 2.9 compared to 2.8

Here is a list of changes made in this version compared to the previous one (This is the official ChangeLog):

For users:
- New: POS module allow to choose which warehouse to use.
- New: Support "Department/State" field on company setup, contact,
bank account and members card.
- New: Can reopen a refused/canceled supplier order.
- New: Add Gant diagramm on project module.
- New: Add a new mode for automatic stock increase: Can be increased
on dispatching of products from a supplier order receipt.
- New: Can set a past delay to limit calendar export.
- New: Can attach files on emailing campaigns.
- New: Add statistics on trips and expenses module.
- New: Can reopen a closed customer order.
- New: Add module externalsite to add a web site/tools inside
menu and a Dolibarr frame.
- New: Can link trips and fees to a project.
- New: Add civility title in foundation module.
- New: Can set accountancy code for product (buy and sell).
- New: Can filter third parties lists on categories.
- New: Can filter products and services lists on categories.
- New: task #10202 : Support categories for members.
- New: Can build documents for third parties (Using ODT templates, need PHP 5.2+).
- New: Support new products properties: length and area.
- New: Add the "payment due before" field in invoice exports.
- New: Add feature to resize or crop image files (for products photos)
- New: task #10113 : Show list of emailing on clicking on "number of mass emailing received"
- New: Add default language for third parties and use it when multilang is enabled
to define default language for document generation.
- New: Can reopen a closed supplier invoice.
- New: Move permission "see hidden categories" into "see hidden products/services".
- New: Can delete several files at once in FTP module.
- New: Add box "last contracts".
- New: Works even if Web hosting provider has disabled PHP "glob" function.
- New: Can now send supplier orders by email.
- New: task #10076 : Show content of message in notification module.
- New: Bank name is shown on invoice.
- New: IBAN value is called IFSC if country is India.
- New: Add option to choose to show firstname then name or name then firstname on PDF.
- New: Add company in fields exported by export of members tool.
- New: Reorganise bank menus.
- New: Bookmarks can be sorted on a particular order.
- New: Support spanish RE and IRPF taxes on invoices.
- New: Module category offers categories for foundation module.
- New: Can filter on category on third parties, products and members listings.
- New: A flag is visible before country labels.
- New: When activating a new module, permissions for admin user are set. This save
time when configuring Dolibarr.
- New: Dolibarr 2.9 is faster than 2.8.
- New: A lot of more predefined VAT values, states, regions for
miscelaneous contries.
- New: Enhance skin engine to make themes easier.
- New: Add images into menu "eldy".
- New: Auguria theme is now more modern.
- New: Update tools refers to but also web site.
- New: Postgresql experimental support seems to work completely.
- New: Changes in Dolibarr core to allow to use cache servers (see Memcached module on
- New: Default choice for interactive confirm box is yes by default, and no only for
delete actions. This reduce number of clicks required to validate actions and
is still safe to dangerous actions.
- Fix: Durations are correctly shown for languages using PM/AM dates.
- Fix: A lot of fixes in Point of Sale module.
- Fix: Debug experimental module widthrawal.
- Fix: Format number was wrong for ar_AR language.
- Fix: Can change password if user has only permission "change password".
- Fix: Project PDF document shows all tasks.
- Fix: bug #29278 : SMTP fails with IP instead of hostname.
- Fix: Default language on login page was wrong.
- Fix: Complete support of euros sign (even in PDF).
- Fix: Bad setup of phpMyAdmin for DoliWamp installer.
- Fix: Tracking number should be available on sending sheets.
- Fix: Stock value is not reset when product is transfered into other warehouse.
- Fix: A lot of not tracked bugs fixed.
- Fix: Some fixes in barcode management.
- Fix: Access to phpMyAdmin is now ok on new DoliWamp installation.

For translators:
- Fix: Major update of italian translation (it_IT).
- Fix: A lot of translation fixes in all languages.
- New: Added translations (sl_SL, is_IS).
- New: Add translations for the DoliWamp installer.

For developers:
- More comments in code.
- Uniformize some code.
- Delete all useless files (this also increase speed).
- Fix W3C errors in page forging.
- Qual: Mutualize code of menu managers.
- Better isolation of modules files and dolibarr core files.
- Task #8682 : Remove functions unix_timestamp.
- The makepack tool now make pack with UID 500.
- More css class and div to output menu to allow more skins.
- Generated documentation can be build from Eclipse using Doxygen plugin.
- Snapshot is provided with PHPunit tests.

- A lot of class files (*.class.php) has moved into subdirectories. So If you use
or develop non official modules that includes Dolibarr classes, you will have to rename
path to thoose classes into the include function.
- Also, parameters of the "fetch()" method for class "User" has changed to reflect
other fetch methods.
- If you build a personalised themes, you must rename the style sheet into style.css.php.
- This version is also the last one to support PHP 4.*, Mysql 3.1, IE6.
Dolibarr 3.* will be supported with PHP 5+ and MySql 4.1+ only.

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?