Dolibarr ERP/CRM 3.0 has been released

dolibarrThe Dolibarr ERP/CRM 3.0 version is a major upgrade of previous version. More information on Dolibarr ERP/CRM web site:

Also, with this version, the Dolibarr foundation launches an official market place for addons, tools and plugins for Dolibarr. This market place is called DoliStore and is available at

Packages can be download from download area...

***** ChangeLog for 3.0 compared to 2.9 *****

For users:
- New: Can edit date of cheque receipts.
- New: Add Sales journal and Purchase journal report.
- New: Can create supplier invoice from supplier order.
- New: Support login by openid
- New: Support "full day" event in calendar module.
- New: Add a weather on dashboard.
- New: Add a Paypal module.
- New: Can choose third party to use in point of sale module during logon.
- New: A lot of enhancements into ECM module:
Directories can contains special characters,
Speed enhancements,
Directories can be created outside of Dolibarr, refresh button will update database,
Can rename a file.
- New: Reordering lines in invoice, orders, commercial proposal is faster (use Ajax
- New: Can import members using assistant.
- New: Can exclude deposit, replacement or credit notes in script rebuild_merge_pdf.
- New: task #10473 : Option MAIN_PROFIDx_IN_ADDRESS must no more be hidden.
- New: Can generate business card for on particular member.
- New: Task #10553 : Can attach files on members card.
- New: Can filter on payment type and bank account in payment lists.
- New: When sending supplier orders by mail, a text is predefined.
- New: Upgrade process works with Postgresql.
- New: Task #10538: Add filter on expiration date of subscription for
foundation module email selector.
- New: Task #9643: Add 2 status (tosell/tobuy) on products instead of only
1 status for both selling and buying.
- New: Can input payment conditions on several lines.
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_LOGOUT_GOTO_URL to set the exit url after
a logout.
- New: For germany, we invert order of address.
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_SERVICES_ARE_ECOMMERCE_200238EC.
- New: Support NPR in customer product prices.
- New: Add more volume units (ounce, gallon, inch, feet, ...)
- New: Delivery date accepts hours and minutes.
- New: Can add a comment on stock dispatching to be save into stock movements.
- New: Can filter product list with too low stocks.
- New: Add option to send all emails sent to a bulk carbon copy.
- New: Preview of emails sent by member module is shown.
- New: task #10100 : Add button to create invoice from a subscription
- New: Reorganize tabs on third parties.
- New: Option MAIN_INVERT_SENDER_RECIPIENT is available in einstein pdf template.
- New: Easier way to define url for clicktodial module.
- New: Add a fckeditor test area in fckeditor module setup.
- New: Add property "Event on full day" on agenda
- New: Enhancement and better compatibility (google, thunderbird) for agenda export.
- New: Can use image editor on user photo.
- New: Task #10796: Add Spain ProfId1 Verification
- New: Page "supplier summary" is now available.
- New: Task #10611: Add option to choose order of field in bank account info on PDF
- New: If a transaction was reconciliated and should not, there was no way to reverse error.
- New: Ubuntu package now works also on debian.
- Perf: Avoid reading database to determine country code after each
page call.
- Fix: Special chars are now supported in ECM module for filename (not yet for
- Fix: Better Postgresql compatibility.
- Fix: Box order is saved when moved.
- Fix: Database name can contains "-" characters.
- Fix: In coloring negative amounts.
- Fix: Date input use date format of user and not dd/mm/yyyy format.
- Fix: Fixed a very old bug making file attachment fails with some emails
readers when using "mail php function".
- Fix: When cloning commercial proposal, due date is creation date + delay
by default.
- Fix: Can edit ordering methods.

For translators:
- New: Update and complete slovenian language sl_SL.
- New: Add full manually translated files for de_AT en de_DE (thanks to
- New: Create the language ja_JP.
- New: Add el_GR language.

For developers:
- New: Add jquery by default.
- New: Removed PWC libraries.
- New: Removed Scriptaculous libraries.
- New: Removed Prototype libraries.
- New: Add first Selenium GUI tests.
- New: Enhance a lot of internal function to build external modules
more easily.
- New: Add a user field ref_ext in object tables to allow external
systems to store their id and make self-developed synchronizing
functions easier to build.
- New: Local user timezone is saved into session (not used yet).
- New: Works with Mysql 5.5.
- Qual: Menu system code is simpler.
- Qual: Mutualize some duplicate code.
- Qual: Renamed some fields into database to be more internationnal.
- Qual: Removed deprecated code.

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?