This area is dedicated to downloads the Dolibarr ERP & CRM software package or its addons. Choose the appropriate link based on what you want to download (if don't want to install it yourself, you may prefer to use an online Cloud offer).

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Stable Versions

All stable versions of Dolibarr ERP & CRM software, for usage in a production environment (for all Operating Systems), are hosted on Sourceforge mirroring servers.

Click here to navigate to the Sourceforge downloads area

For experienced users who want to install the Dolibarr application using the git tool, you can deploy and update any branch (major version) of the Dolibarr application from the git repository.

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Modules, Plugins, and Addons

The area to download all plugins and addons for Dolibarr is the official Dolistore marketplace.

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Dolistore, the market place for Dolibarr addons

Development and Beta version

Development and Beta version (not stable). You will find here, the link to the realtime snapshot of the current development (or beta) version (snapshot build from GIT repository).

This package is NOT stable, so it is not intended to be ready for production usage. Refer to the section "Stable versions" for downloading a production-ready version.

Click here to download the development snapshot from GitHub