It was time to clean our forum

Due to a very high bad usage of our forum (a lot of evil SEO, most of them from polish, ukrania and russia, was using the signature of our profile to inject external backlinks), we had to make a serious purge of account and posts in our english forum. This may have side effect on your account/past posts

Unfortunately, it was not possible to save the very last post/account created this last days. So, if you are not lucky, you may have lost your account and recent posts. If you are concerned, it is not a problem about you but about our tool to clean our forum. So please recreate your account or post. We are sorry, but it was REALLY, REALLY a necessary operation due to very important negative side effect on our project brand image and search engine trust. We have enhanced our process to reduce risk of such events in future.

Also some very old and empty categories (like uml2dolibarr category)  were removed since they were useless.

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