Maintenance release 3.1.1 is available

outilsThe Dolibarr 3.1.1 maintenance version is available.

Dolibar 3.1.1 is a maintenance release of the 3.1.0 version. We recommand everybody to upgrade to this version for any production usage as it fixes some bugs found into 3.1.0 version. As any maintenance release, no new features, nor data structure change is present into this version (see Read more vor full list of fixes).

You can download it from stable section of download area

This is list of changes :

- Fix: Removed warnings during install.
- Fix: State into address of paypal payments were lost.
- Fix: Currency into paypal payments were always euros.
- Fix: Removed Bare LF from emails sent with smtps method.
- Fix: Can show report on selected period.
- Fix: product removed from list after deleted into order.
- Fix: [bug #270] PostgreSQL backend try to connect throught TCP socket for
- Fix: price was not without tax when using multiprice into POS module.
- Fix: Can delete bank account.
- Fix: [ bug #277 ] Year dropdown in table header of supplier invoices.
- Fix: Some other very minor fixes.
- New: Add option FACTURE_DEPOSITS_ARE_JUST_PAYMENTS. With this option added, credit notes are not removed from total amount of invoice but are just payments used to reducs remain to pay. This option restore the old behavior of version 3.0.0.
- New: Added hidden option MAIN_FIX_FOR_BUGGED_MTA to fix bugged MTA.

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